Stealing with my best friend's wife

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    Businesswoman Clea Gaultier and her husband, Chris Cobalt, are eyeing Danny D's No-Tell Motel. While they appreciate the detail and care that goes into the motel, they believe they can make it work. Danny's business becomes a money-making machine. The couple arrived at the reception and Clea, fed up with waiting for Danny to arrive, decided to get mad at her partner by showing off her breasts and butt. Unfortunately for her, Chris is not in the mood and brushes her off while Danny voyeuristically watches them from a peephole. It's clear that while they may have business acumen, they don't have any spice in their relationship. But Danny and his motel are about to change that! He led the pair into a conference room and told them that if they wanted to buy his business, they needed to prove they were the right match for the job, before leaving to take the call. However, Clea realizes that Danny isn't really gone, he's just watching them from behind a two-way mirror! Wanting to prove they have passion, Clea and Chris organized a performance for Danny. She takes off her shirt and plays with her tits as she sucks Chris' cock, before he fucks her roughly into the mirror for Danny's enjoyment on the other side. Danny then goes back to the room for a threesome. Clea lets Danny and Chris roast her, each taking turns sucking their cocks and fucking her pussy. Clea is then fucked in the ass before being double penetrated by their cocks. Sweaty and satisfied, Clea then sucks their cocks one last time before they cum all over her face.
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